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Meet the staff!

Scott is the owner/operator of Divine Echoes, and the "linchpin" of our friendly little collaboration. An Esoteric minister, Scott takes a rather unique approach to spiritual matters, focusing mainly on symbols and signs, as he feels that is the preferred way that "spirit" communicates. To that end, Scott focuses on offering items that he believes allows spirit to speak through in their preferred "language", such as statues, artwork, candles, oracle cards, books and anything loaded with symbolism. Fully aware that each individual "listens" to spirit in their own unique way, the wider the selection of items he has to offer, the better. Scott’s "mission" is mainly helping others communicate with spirit in the ways that serve each individual the best. Divine Echoes Esoterica is the main vehicle he uses to try to fulfill that mission.

Above all else, Echo is a healer. An LPN, she is intimately familiar with the procedures and benefits of conventional medical care, but also fully aware that conventional treatments are not always the answer, or the best answer. To that end she is also a holistic herbalist who focuses on the complete well being of a person, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, delving into areas of a person's well being that most often conventional medical treatments do not address. An intuitive, Echo's approach to treatment includes individualized consultations, herbal tinctures tailored to each individual person's needs, and sometimes oracle readings to gain a more spiritual perspective on the best ways to address a person's unique wellness issues. Feeling a deep calling to serve the dying and their loved ones, Echo also offers Death Doula services. She has spent almost 15 years working long-term care and holds an Advanced Course Death Doula Certification from The Deathwives.

Esther Marcella Hoffmann of E-Star Tarot is a lifelong learner of archetypes and symbology. Along with performing tarot readings, she is also the producer of the “Niche Nook Art Series” here at Divine Echoes Esoterica where she hosts “Viewing Parties”, and creates writing or crafting events inspired by featured artists. While curator of ARTrageous Mankato  she discovered her love of water coloring. Esther is the author of two poetry books available here at Divine Echoes, “Love Note to Gaia” and “Goddess Of the Compass”, as well as co-creator of “The Doll Head Oracle: A Journey Into Emotions”. You can contact Esther by email at

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